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An Italian story about coffee

The Elivend company is well-known for innovation, technology, attention to design and quality of raw materials.

Coffee corner, cupboards and little vending machines are the range of Baltom labeled solutions, produced by Elivend in the vending trade market.

Since the beginning, our goal was to conceive innovative solutions for the coffee zone stage, characterized by design, aesthetic and functionality.

Our story is strictly linked to the big growth of the OCS area in the vending trade market between the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. Those progresses generated new needs. Coffee machines were initially placed in the most hidden and darkest place of the offices, because of their initial poor appeal and all the accessories that, without a proper position, were often exposed, to the detriment of aesthetic and above all hygiene.

In this conditions, in order to meet a shared need, we took the opportunity to conceive the support cupboard for coffee machines, a little nice suitable cabinet to support the coffee machine and store all the accessories that didn’t find a proper place before. Thanks to this product with a great design and pleasant aesthetics, we managed to bring coffee machines in visible places open to public, defining an ideal surrounding for a break.

Equipped with our technical know-how and one of the best product quality on the market, we attended the Milan International Fair in 1994, as specialized producers of support cupboards for coffee machines and little vending machines, meeting a need that had been neglected till then. Since 1996 we have been partner of the CONFIDA category association, member of EVA (European Vending Association).

Today we work in a 9000-square meter area, 5000 of which are covered, and a staff of about 30 people.

Thanks to our enthusiasm and the quality of our products, we now keep working with the best technologies on the market in order to offer customized and suitable solutions with design and up-to-date products.


We design the entire life cycle of our products, with an eye on the market and its changes.

Thanks to preliminary analysis, we highlight market trends and find the most suitable solution for every demand in a fast and effective way.

Our customers’ suggestions are fundamental to give us the opportunity to stimulate R&D and conceive new and highly suitable solutions.

Our plant has a modern CAD/CAM and 3D design center that, in collaboration with our Prototyping Department, are Elivend’s pride because they allow us to shift quickly from the idea to the production.


The internal production and control of every phase of manufacturing are our strengths.

The attention given to construction, the use of finest raw materials, together with new technologies and constant respect of security standards provide an high quality product that meets our customer needs.

The constant attention to market demands, together with research and use of new materials allow a ceaseless innovation, making our company a referring point for our customers; the introduction of new technologies, such as fiber laser, follows this philosophy.


Customers’ needs and expectations are the core business of our activities. For this reason Elivend takes care of every phase of production, from design to production and lastly selling.

We always attend National and International sector fairs, a great occasion to show our innovative products.

These fairs are a great opportunity to consolidate relationships with our loyal customers and develop some new ones.


Our quality is certified.

We have always accepted challenges with enthusiasm and, thanks to this spirit and our constant will to improve, we obtained the ISO 9001 certification for production and selling of metal cupboards for coffee machines and vending machines on 19th January 2011.

Issued by Bureau Veritas, the certification proves the quality of our management system and the excellent organization standards at every level, from design to selling.

Certification means a lot to us: it’s a concrete piece of evidence of our ceaseless commitment, will and ability to change, ethic and motivation that lead us to primarily care customer satisfaction.

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Via Carmagnola, 63 12040 Ceresole d'Alba

E-mail : info@elivend.com
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